For those of you who don't know, I have a joint partnership with the albino ball pythons and pied ball pythons with Mr. Morton Wright of Miami, FL.  This is a 50/50 partnership with all albinos and pied ball pythons with anything and everything these 2 morphs can produce in any manner.  Either of us can be contacted anytime with questions or concerns about the albinos or the pieds regardless of whom you make your purchase from.  It would be better if you contacted your sales person, however, either of us can and will help you.

As to the high-contrast line we have, it originated from a wild caught male Morton purchased from VPI several years ago.  The male was a very special "one-of-a-kind" that fathered very specially marked babies.  Unfortunately, that male, along with several other reptiles, were stolen from Morton in 2005.  To date, Morton has not recovered this valuable animal nor any of the more than 50 other individuals.   However, the high-contrast offspring the "special male" produced did grow up, and produced, like their father, more very nice high-contrast babies.
Normally, at shows/expos, you may see me with other reptiles on my display table other than albinos and pieds.  These other animals I am displaying and selling belong to  Morton.  I am helping my partner sell his animals.  I am not and do not broker other breeders reptiles.   Specifically, Morton produces spot-nose, calico, pastel calico, ghost, pastel ghost, pastel, ivory, yellow-belly, and albino red blood pythons in addition to the albino and pied ball pythons.